Nottingham Brewery pub
and restaurant branding

Nottingham Brewery pub branding

Project: Pub and restaurant branding
Client: Nottingham Brewery
Date: 2016+
Skills: Branding, logo design, menus, posters, interior and signage

Nottingham Brewery pub branding

We’re massive craft beer fans here, working with a number of pubs and restaurants. Connecting with a local brewery was a dream come true, and we were incredibly proud to be approached by The Nottingham Brewery to work with them to begin realising some of their growth plans for 2016 and beyond.

We jumped in at the deep end, and after some fun site visits and of course some “market research”, we set straight to work.

As the growth was to be approached in stages, our first job was to create the NB diamond device, based on a carving found on the original brewery building. Alongside the statement “proud to be a part of The Nottingham Brewery family” this allowed us to more easily link the brewery with the new pubs, and both current and future products, regardless of their progress in the rebranding exercise. 

Our second job was to brand their new pub acquisitions. The Ned Ludd in Nottingham and The Frame Breakers in Ruddington. Inspired by the history of the Luddite movement we created a bold, vibrant character, in a style easily adapted for different pub locations and names.

We’ve created a number of assets for the pubs, including menus, posters and online content, as well as a photography for The Ned Ludd pub.